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Courtenay Medical Clinic

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Courtenay Medical Clinic

788 Grant Ave Courtenay,
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Our Mission

Courtenay Medical Clinic

Our clinic’s physicians, nurse and staff are committed to provide excellent care and are dedicated to ensure good health with you as our partner


Medical Mask Required when entering the Clinic.


We will continue to require all patients who are sick, have a cough, or cold symptoms wear a mask the whole time in the office. Provided at the front entrance. Please follow the signs regarding hand sanitizer. 


Phone consults are still offered. In person visits are scheduled based on need.
Please call to schedule an available time or use our online booking system.

What can you do to prevent spread of communicable diseases?

The Pandemic is not over. Wear a mask in indoor settings eg: grocery stores. Wash your hands with soap or use hand sanitizer. Cough into your elbow. Don’t touch your face.

Online Bookings

 You can now book appointments online ! 

Our front desk staff can set you up over the phone or in person. You will need an email address to register. It is simple and quick. 

Medeo | Telemedicine software | Patient Messaging | Online Booking (

You will be able to book for phone call visits and in person visits will be added soon. Special consultations such as driver’s physicals and procedures need to be booked via reception. Appointment reminders are also available. 

Please note that all appointments are 10 minutes. Given the duration your doctor can only thoroughly focus and manage one to perhaps two issues during the visit. We will welcome you back for another visit if there are more issues you need help with. 

Please know that we are doing our best to serve you and our community during the pandemic and simultaneous crisis in Family Medicine. Our fee codes sadly do not support longer visits or dealing with numerous issues in a single visit. Please advocate with us for system reform by contacting your MLA and support organizations such as BC Health Care Matters,


Coughs or colds

All patients who have a cough are expected to put on a mask before entering the waiting room. Apply hand sanitizer. Let us know when you book your appointment that you have a cough.

If you misrepresent your symptoms and see a physician without giving them the chance to protect themselves from infection and in the process endanger other patients in the waiting room and our staff, this can be considered a form of assault and we may dismiss you from our clinic.



New patients

At this time Courtney Medical Clinic is not taking  on new patients. We do not have a waitlist for new patients. We ask that you register online for CV Health Connect Registry.

Flu vaccinations and clinics

Due to the changes with distribution of Flu vaccines, we will not be receiving influenza vaccines to host our regular flu clinics. Flu vaccines will be available through the Health Authority Clinics and Community Pharmacies.  Please contact your pharmacy to see if they have influenza vaccines.