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Services and Consultations

We offer a wide range of services and consultations at Courtenay Medical Clinic


Regular office visit
A regular visit is a 10-minute visit

Early pregnancy
Diagnosis followed by physical and early work up then referral to maternity or midwifery

Complete physicals
Only on invitation from your physician as assessment for a medical problem

Preventative Care
Cancer screening and prevention, vaccination, health risk assessment

ICBC injuries
Visits for diagnosis, treatment & ICBC mandated assessments

WCB injuries
As soon as possible after our injury. For diagnosis, treatment and follow up. You can download and fill out the required form in advance.

Drivers Medical examinations
Blue and yellow forms. For specialist licenses or age related driving assessments

Nurse services and consultations
Injections, Ear syringing for wax on doctors instruction, dressing changes, triage telephonically and in person, general advice, injections of medications

Mental health
Physician basic counseling, CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy), Mindfullness

Outside of office consultations
Hospital, Hospice & Nursing Home visits. Home visits for bedridden and End of Life Patients

Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)
All our physicians are supportive of patients who wish to discuss Medical Assistance in Dying as an option of care. We will supply information about MAID as well as all your other care options if you so wish. We may ask how you feel about MAID first to know if it is something you wish for us to bring up in conversation or not. All our physicians also provide palliative care. We see MAID as an option on the menu of end of life care.

We feel strongly that our patients should receive excellent care at all times and no less so at End of Life. We are not scared to have difficult conversations about death and dying – we know most people are a bit frightened of what may come and are nervous to talk about their fears. We will talk about it as much or little as you need. Talking about your goals, hopes and fears may help us figure out together how to best care for you. We want to respect your wishes and ensure we walk this road with you.

All our physicians are knowledgeable about MAID and can explain the process to you and your family. All our full time physicians can complete formal MAID assessments. Dr. Daws is one of the local MAID providers and would be happy to provide further information upon request. Your family physician can refer you to Dr. Daws or any MAID provider locally.

For further information go to

Medical procedures and minor surgeries

Medical procedures and minor surgeries
Biopsies, excisions, drainage of abscesses & cysts, wound care, lacerations, IUD insertion and removal, removal of sutures or staples, catheters and stents, foreign bodies. Joint aspirations, joint injections, bursa injections, trigger point injections.

Flu Clinics
Annually by booked appointments. See home page for updated information regarding Flu clinics

Private Services

These services and consultations are not covered by MSP. Please enquire about the fees before you book the appointment.

Travel related consultations, medications, vaccinations, forms

Employment related physicals & forms

Drivers examination for specialist licences e.g. class 1

Legal letters and reports, court testimony

Insurance Forms

Botox for migraine

Peri-neural injection therapy

Liquid nitrogen for cosmetic purposes

Telephonic prescription refills